[Free Course-Udemy] CSS FlexBox In Depth

[Free Course-Udemy]-CSS Flexbox in Depth


Don’t just learn CSS Flexbox. Gain Experience in it.Take your HTML and CSS to new level.

What You”ll Learn:

  • All the CSS properties that are used for Flexbox.
  • How to build some advanced layouts using Flexbox.
  • How build some common layout using Flexbox.
  • Gain experience in designing  chat application using Flexbox.

In this course you will go deep into understanding how Flexbox can help you design website layouts. We cover what Flexbox is and why we use it. We then step through Flex Containers and Flex Items and what CSS properties are available for both and how we can configure them correctly. You will also be tested with a helpful quiz after each section.

Once gaining the academic knowledge , we ensure you gain some experience by taking you through some real life example. We start off with some simple layout problems that were once difficult to solve, but are now easier. then after we look at some advanced layout problems.

We then wrap up your experience by working through building a complete chat application from start to end.

Who this course is for:

  • Web designers or developers who are looking to advanced their knowledge in building comlex layouts using CSS
  • Developers looking to improve their knowledge in CSS
  • Any developers interested in getting a deep understanding of Flexbox

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