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[Free Course-Udemy]-Learn To Code Trading Card Game Battle System With Unity 3D


A Comprehensive and easy to learn guide to create a trading card game battle system with unity 3d.

This course provides a full guide on trading card game battle mechanics. The materials in this course is divided into 6 Sections. Sections 1 features a short introduction to the course.

In section 2 we will focus on making cards. We will use Unity UI features to create both faces and card back of our cards. Spell cards and creature cards will be designed a bit differently. Creature cards will have distinctive oval frames around creature images. You will learn how to rotate cards that are made with unity UI properly. We will do some scripting to make a simple system that will allow us to create and edit our cards as assets in Unity.

In Section 3 we will continue working on different visual elements: mana pools., rope timer , hero portrait end turn button and so on .By the end of this Section we will assemble a visual layout of our Battle Scene that our players will see in the final version of the game. We will also explore several scripts that will help us drag cards in the games, organize display enlarged previews of cards and creatures.

In Section 4 we will prepare our project for bringing in all the scripts that will handle Logic in our game. We will start by taking a look at a small slideshow that will explain the relationship between Visual and logical parts of our game. We will add several new visual features – damage effect that will display amount of damage taken by creatures or heroes in the game, a simple system that will show message in the start of each turn and targeted dragging for spell cards and creature attacks.

In the final section of this course you will learn to create spell and creature effect for your game. Creature effects might be caused when the creature enters the battlefield, when the creatures dies , when the turn start or ends or even when certain events occur in the game (Like : When your Hero Takes damage ,draws a card, etc….). we will also take a look at a simple AI Script that will control our opponent’s behavior and let us play game against the computer.

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