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[Free Course-Udemy] – Python Programming Beginners Tutorials:Python 3 Programming


Python for Beginners Tutorial: Learn Python for Programmers: Python Programming Tutorial for Beginners: Best Python 3
Learn Python from the basics – A Layman’s guide to Python
This Python course is for beginners – anybody can take this course even without any prior programming experience. Every topic has been explained in detail and in a way that is easy to understand using examples. You can learn the course at your pace and practice the exercises provided at the end of the topics.
In the tutorials, the programming examples are demonstrated either using the Anaconda Jupyter Notebook or the Python IDLE application.
We recommend you to download the latest version (3.6) of Python from the Anaconda Distribution website (covered in the tutorial).
Please feel free to ask questions on any issue that you may face while taking the course, our team would be glad to help you.
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Who this course is for:

  1. This Python course is for beginner and intermediate levels.
  2. Anybody can take this course even without any prior programming experience.
  3. Python does not have strict syntax rules and it reads like plain English and simple to understand for anyone who is new to programming. If you’re
  4. looking to learn coding or want to pick up another programming language, Python is a good choice.

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