Create a Members Only Blog Using PHP, MySQL,& AJAX

[Free Course-Udmey]-Create a Members Only Blog Using PHP, MySQL,& AJAX


Create a Database-Driven Blog With Authentication, Validated Content Form, & Session Variables using PHP, MYSQL & AJAX.

This course offers a hands-on approach in learning how to develop web applications using PHP, MySQL, and AJAX.

The student will develop a blog with MySQL: Database integration. The project aims to cover the following key concepts:

  • Creating Dynamic Web Pages in PHP
  • Creating an MYSQL Database to store Member Data.
  • Create PHP & AJAX Validate Member Registration Forms
  • Creating PHP & AJAX Validated Member Login Authentication
  • Working with Session Variables -Login/Logout Functionality
  • Developing Validated Contact forms for Web to Email Transmission via SMTP
  • PphMailer Integration to facilitate Email Transmission
  • Uploading the project from a local tested to a Production Server

The concepts explored in this course will help students learn the essential skills necessary to develop a web application of any size and complexity.

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